5 Details That Change How you See Movies


5 Details That Change How you See Movies

I co-wrote an article for Cracked! Check it out, and please share if you like.


2 thoughts on “5 Details That Change How you See Movies

  1. Very interesting and well-written article. I would have liked to hear details of why movies are made in such a geographically diverse way – why not select sets near the sound stage and not have so much complex and expensive travel?

    And why so much union involvement? What benefit to employers does the union provide? I would think it would be common sense to want people on the set to work smoothly together without all those work rules gumming up the works.

  2. It’s funny you ask. That’s something I wanted in the article that editorial decided to take out. Not sure why. But essentially, making a movie is so complex, that you want your set to be like a well oiled machine, with each person like a specialized part. When everybody does their one, somewhat singular job well and on time, the chaotic becomes orderly, and shooting runs smoother than if any one person decided to wear too many hats.

    Interestingly enough, European crews tend to be more like that, with fewer crew doing more work. The Hollywood studio system though has had the “union problem” for decades because it actually works so well when implemented right.

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